Thursday, 19 April 2012

Maulidul Rasul- Persefahaman Asas, Perpaduan Ummah

Rushing to complete the banner late night....><

jibah & mirah~~XD 

the participants at the Putra Mosque

Class Banner...=D

kacau bubur....=P

with naney...hihi..xD

with hafiz....memories..LOL
My college had an event called Maulidul was an event mainly for the Muslims where they celebrate the birthday of the Prophet of Muhammad. 15th Feb 2012 was the day the event was held and I took part in it even though I'm a Chinese and we spent the whole day at college helping to prepare the food, ceremony and and the walk round the college. It was my first time joining a Malay occasion in a college and I was one of the cameraman. All of my Malay friends attended the event and enjoyed themselves very much. I was grateful that I was given the chance to participate in this event. =D

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