Monday, 16 April 2012

My LIF3 in MUSIC~~~

Well... I love music and recently I'm learning to play the piano and I'm practicing on these 2 songs....One Direction-One Thing & Christina Perri- A Thousand Years... I'm hoping to improve myself so that I can be a musician...I love to sing as well but I don't really have a good voice especially when I'm singing a girl's song which the key is very high that I need to use my "girlish" voice to sing it out...><

sorry bout the sound effect which have some disturbance during the recording...this was my first...T.T


  1. Fuyohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hahaha

  2. nie bukan nk puji nie (jgn bangge sangat,hahaha) tp sedap plak aku dgr bunyi piano KRISTINA PERIIII 2

    1. amboihh fami...haha....tsk tsk..xD